Burning A Hole In My Pocket

Of all possible gift ideas in the world, for my recent birthday, my sister-in-law made the excellent choice to get me an iTunes gift card.

I love music and I love iTunes, so gift cards are always greatly appreciated. With the temptation of songs only being $0.99 each, I’ve discovered before how easy it can be to spend more money than you intended, so now, I try to never spend more money than I currently have in my iTunes account.

But now, reveling in my relative riches (after my birthday gift, I have about $30 in my account), I find myself faced with an unfamiliar problem: I can’t think of any songs I want to download.

I’ve suffered from Writer’s Block before, and a friend of mine wrote the other day about having Blogger’s Block, but this current malady that I suffer from—this Downloader’s Block—is something entirely new to me.

So here it is, the purpose of this post: what should I download?

There are certainly some genres of music that I like more than others, but on the whole, I’m pretty much open to anything. Here are the only limitations:

  • I’d prefer something without excessive profanity.
  • I can’t stand polka music in general, and I’m really not a big Weird Al fan specifically (we can thank my cousin Will for that).
That’s it! Give me some ideas. What’s something you like, or something you think I might like?


Anonymous 8/28/07, 9:49 AM  

try some Corey Smith if ya want something to chill out to but I'm all about some Shakira for working out;) (just kidding...well, kind of. but corey smith is really awesome)

Angela 8/28/07, 12:15 PM  

Some recent favorite songs of mine:

"Down the Mountain" by Robinella & The CC String Band.

"Oceans" by The Format

"Be Here Now" and "Trouble" by Ray LaMontagne

"1234" and "Mushaboom" by Feist

Angela 8/28/07, 12:17 PM  

Also "Mad World" by Gary Jules- that's an old favorite. You've probably heard it before.

Luke Dockery 8/28/07, 5:27 PM  


Hmm, I don't know Corey Smith but I am interested. Any specific songs that you'd recommend?

I'm somewhat of a closet Shakira fan myself.

Luke Dockery 8/28/07, 5:38 PM  


Thanks for all the suggestions. I listened to the iTunes previews of all of them, and although I wasn't a big fan of Feist, I was interested in the rest of them.

"Mad World" is one of my favorites, although I just recently (within the last year) discovered it.

Paul Murphy 8/28/07, 11:55 PM  

One word "Journey"
Two words "Cold play"
Three words "The Postal Service"
Four words "Ah-Ha: Take on Me"

Just some thoughts.

Luke Dockery 8/29/07, 10:35 AM  


I have some Journey and some Coldplay, but I'll look into the others.

Anonymous 8/31/07, 8:15 AM  

Corey Smith is from Georgia and he's got a folky sound to him. All of his songs are awesome but my two favorites are If I Could Do It Again & 21. He's got a myspace page if you want to look him up before ya check him out. I have him playing on myspace too so go have a listen. And yes, Shakira rocks. I wish I could move my hips like that!

Anonymous 9/1/07, 12:14 PM  

My brother has recently experienced this same problem. Drives me crazy, because I have a huge written list of music I'd love to cash in on.

Suggestions: Boston, Chicago, Josh Groban, Queen, Weezer, or you could always buy episodes of (fill in the blank).

I agree about a-Ha's "Take On Me," by the way.

Luke Dockery 9/3/07, 1:22 PM  


Thanks, I'll check out the songs you mentioned.

Luke Dockery 9/3/07, 1:23 PM  


I like Boston, Chicago, Queen and Weezer to varying degrees, and have some of each of them.

I'll take a look at Josh Groban though. Thanks.

Sam Travaglini 9/4/07, 3:16 PM  

I meant to post something a while ago, but as usual i let time get away. as for suggestions, I second Paul's suggestion of The Postal Service. I would also recommend Anberlin, Guster, and Dispatch. Anberlin is some solid rock, while Guster and Dispatch have a kind of folk-rock, bluesy feel. Sometimes. And if you're looking for some comedy, Brian Regan is an excellent choice. 2 1/2 weeks til sectionals!

Jared Dockery 9/5/07, 12:52 PM  

1. "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox Twenty. Just was added to iTunes in the last day or two.

2. "This Is How A Heart Breaks" by Rob Thomas is also good, if you don't have it.

3. "Letters from Iwo Jima Theme" by Kyle Eastwood.

4. "The Story" by Brandi Carlile.

5. Rent the movie "Wicked Spring" and watch it. If you like the song at the end, it's by Carbon Leaf. Its title is "Dear" but on iTunes it is listed as "Bonus Track" on the Echo, Echo album.

6. The edited acoustic version of "Hate Me" (by Blue October) has the curse word beeped out.

7. Concrete Blonde has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.

Luke Dockery 9/5/07, 11:19 PM  

Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. Now I have the problem of having too many songs to pick from, but hey, I guess I asked for it!

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