For over a year now, I have been saving My Coke Rewards points off of the bottle and boxes of Coke products.

My hoarding of these little gems has been made much easier by having several other people save them for me, but remembering to login to the website and enter the codes on a regular basis isn’t without difficulty.

At first, the rewards were somewhat lame (Blockbuster rentals, a Coke backpack!), but they’ve gotten progressively better.

The rewards I have personally redeemed my points for have gradually improved as well: $10 gift card to Disney.com (which I used to pay for the majority of Finding Nemo), a white Adidas ClimaLite Jersey, and now, for a mere 1,500 points, a brand new pair of Mexican National Team Adidas Sambas.

And the best part: when I ordered them on Monday, I was told that they’d be here in 2-8 weeks. That’s right; I got them today.

I know, I know. I don’t play soccer, and sometimes I even make fun of it. But soccer apparel is way cool.


Angela 8/31/07, 2:04 PM  

I started saving recently, so I only have 39 points! Kind of shabby.

Anonymous 8/31/07, 4:41 PM  

Big Congrats on the kicks!

Luke Dockery 9/3/07, 1:24 PM  


It makes a big difference if you have a corps of copious Coke consumers collecting for you!

Also, even for a few points you can get stuff like free Blockbuster rentals, which, if you enjoy movies, isn't too bad.

Luke Dockery 9/3/07, 1:26 PM  


Thanks, I like them. Thanks to the Tri-color theme, my sister called me a "Watino" (White-Latino) today.

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