Home At Last

I’ve been gone for the last several days, but I am finally home.

After having spent nine of the last ten nights staying in hotels, I got to sleep in my own bed last night, and hope to get to do so for a while.

I also hope to get back to blogging on a more regular basis. I actually had my laptop with me the whole time, but I only had reliable wi-fi access in one of the four hotels I stayed in, so that severely limited my ability to blog.

First, Caroline and I were in Branson for a few days for vacation. We had a good time shopping, going to a zoo and aquarium, visiting a museum and an amusement park. Here are a few of the highlights:

A chameleon at the zoo looks at me with one of his cool eyes.

An alligator smiles for the camera. I wasn’t entirely sure
what all the leaves on her head and back were about.

The ferris wheel at Celebration City all lit up.

After we got back in town last Monday, we left the next day for Denver, but this time, the trip wasn’t for fun.

My grandmother is very sick with cancer, and we weren’t sure if she would live until Thanksgiving, so my parents, my brother and sister, Caroline and I made the difficult trip to Colorado to see her for maybe the last time.

I took my camera along in case I saw anything worth taking a picture of:

The sun peaks through the clouds.

The city of Denver, from the top of Table Mountain.

At the base of one of the bluffs near the top. Since I’m not a
real rock climber, I had to find a different way up.

Me at the top of Table Mountain. I wasn’t actually in a terrible mood as my facial expression might indicate; I just don’t like having the sun shine in my face.

It’s good to be home.


Paul Murphy 8/16/07, 1:59 AM  

As an expert on all things Gecko: they regularly jump on me when I'm sleeping and I watch them fight for prime-time entertainment, that is not a gecko; its a chameleon

Luke Dockery 8/16/07, 11:36 AM  


How embarrassing. You would think that with all of the incessant Geico commercials that I could've figured this out on my own.

I'll correct the post accordingly.

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