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Below are some blogs that I read on at least a semi-regular basis. Some are theological blogs, others are not at all; some are written by friends and family, others are written by complete strangers. What they all have in common is that, for whatever reason, I enjoy reading them.

Obviously, linking to the blogs below does not mean that I endorse or agree with anything on a particular blog.

If you find that your blog is not listed here but is something that you feel I should be reading, just let me know. You’re probably right and I am just unaware of your awesome blog.

Below are several Web sites and/or businesses that I think are cool for one reason or another (obviously this is an incomplete list):

Kiva—Micro-financing for would-be entrepreneurs from the developing world. A cool way to help those in need by empowering them to improve their lives.
Ozark Ultimate—Providing in-depth ultimate frisbee coverage of the Ozark Section.
Red Rook Royal—For all your web design and public relations needs.
TOMS—For every pair of shoes you buy, another pair is sent free of charge to a child in need!


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