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Important announcement: The Doc File has now stepped into the exciting world of mid-1990s technology with the addition of a search feature at the bottom of the sidebar.

Now, if want to go back and re-read a post and don’t know where to find it, or if you’re just curious to see what I have to say about something specific, you’re in luck.

I tested out the search bar myself after installing and it seemed to work pretty well, which was pleasantly surprising to me.

What’s next for The Doc File? There’s no telling, but I’m sure it will be equally mind-blowing.


Anonymous 8/24/07, 3:13 PM  

excellent improvement Luke, way to be looking for things to increase efficiency and enjoyment. I dont recommend searching for baseball in there... you end up reading most of your blog again.

Luke Dockery 8/27/07, 10:38 PM  

Yeah, that's a good point you bring up. You know, when I started this blog, I didn't actually intend for every other post to be about baseball, but it has almost become that.

Oh well, I guess you write about what you like. Either way, I will pledge to be somewhat more diverse.

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