He Never Ceases To Amaze…

As much as I dislike Barry Bonds, I was planning on taking the high road and giving the guy a break for a while, even though he turned the greatest record in all of sports into a travesty.

But that was before I read this article.

Apparently, BALCO Barry is tired of people suggesting that he reached his freakish proportions unnaturally, and is now considering suing those who have accused him of roiding up, including Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling.

Who knows, since I’ve accused Barry of cheating as well, I might be on his radar as well.

This might be my favorite quote from the article:

Schilling said some things that were inappropriate and potentially defamatory. I know it was upsetting to Barry.

I can believe that it upsets Barry that nobody likes him. After all, that’s what prompted him to begin his steroid regimen in the first place back in ’99.

What I can’t believe is that there is any sort of ground for a defamation of character lawsuit. I mean, after all, don’t you have to have character before it can be defamed?

Hat tip to my cousin Veronica for sending me the article.


Edward Carson 8/18/07, 4:18 PM  

I am so confused here. I would like to be happy, and at times I am, but even beyond the issue of his head and neck size, I recall what a jerk he has been for a very long time. I have heard others defend his attitude as one of being distant and out of the spot light, but I thought that was why he took steroids...so that he could get the glory of Mcguire (sp) and Sosa.

Luke Dockery 8/20/07, 10:14 AM  


That's a very good point; he really does seem to be a man of contradictions.

I guess the real irony is that he felt unappreciated, so he then he took the steroids which helped him break records, but made him much more hated than he was before.

What's sad is that he really was an amazing player w/o any sort of artificial enhancement. With the possible exception of Griffey, he was the best player of this generation, maybe the best since Mays, and I first ballot Hall of Famer.

For that not to be enough, the man must have some serious insecurity issues.

As much as I rail on him from time to time, part of me does feel sorry for him.

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