Another Good Report Card

While there are certainly many things that I am not good at (like swimming for example), one thing I never really had much trouble with was school.

I had friends who were always sweating it come report card time, but for me, that was never really a problem all the way from Kindergarten through college (with the notable exception of Mrs. Pharr’s AP Calculus class in 11th grade). I was always on the Honor Roll (or the “Dean’s List” as it is referred to in college), even my last semester at Harding when I was a full-time graduate student, a Graduate Assistant for the Foreign Language Department, working as an ESL teacher at an elementary school and playing my last year of college ultimate.

But any and all academic achievements I may have accomplished in the past have been dwarfed by what I found out today when I checked my Harding e-mail account for the first time in several months: I managed to make the Dean’s List this past spring semester despite the fact that I wasn’t enrolled in any classes.

Sometimes schools give out honorary Doctorate degrees. I guess this is something similar—based on past achievements, I’ve been honorarily appointed to the Dean’s List.

Here’s an excerpt from the message I got from the Vice President for Academic Affairs:

It is my pleasure to inform you that you made the Dean’s List at Harding University for the past semester. Recognition on the Dean’s List is a high honor because only students who have earned at least a 3.65 grade point average on twelve or more hours are eligible.

You should be proud of this significant achievement. We fell that Harding offers a very challenging academic program. Therefore, your academic success is one indication of your potential for success throughout your life.
I used to think that Harding was pretty challenging as well. But that was before I got straight A’s without even being aware that I was enrolled in classes.


Anonymous 8/1/07, 4:41 PM  

Thats really impressive Luke - whats next? A paycheck without a job?

Luke Dockery 8/1/07, 5:34 PM  


I wish, but alas, as I said, I'm better at some things than others.

In the job world, all I seem to be manage so far is getting part-time pay for full-time work. :(

John Wright 8/2/07, 11:14 AM  

Apparently this was a widespread issue. I received the same notice, as did my wife and sister-in-law.

Luke Dockery 8/2/07, 7:27 PM  


How disappointing, I thought I was special. Apparently our alma mater is just a little lacking in the competence department.

Paul Murphy 8/3/07, 4:51 PM  

You are old. And by the way, still gay.

Luke Dockery 8/3/07, 5:09 PM  


I am old, but most people probably think that you’re older than I am.

As to the other issue, well, aren’t you the one who hasn’t had a date in 1300+ days?

Oh snap.

Paul Murphy 8/4/07, 2:08 AM  

Oh, Pickup my face!

Edward Carson 8/4/07, 7:53 AM  

I am going to go back some 10 years and see if I made the Dean's list. That is funny.

david mcmahon 8/11/07, 6:47 AM  

You could be CEO without joining a company!

Luke Dockery 8/14/07, 10:41 AM  


Even if you didn't make the Dean's List back then, it's apparently not too late!

Luke Dockery 8/14/07, 10:41 AM  


That sounds good. While I'm at it, maybe I could become an Aussie without leaving Arkansas?

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