The Presidential Bracket

ESPN has been buzzing the last couple of days about President Obama filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket, and have been showing his picks on a segment of Sportscenter.

Leader of the Free World or not, I don’t think President Obama’s bracket is a very good one (after all, his Final 4 is identical to mine!). Nevertheless, I think it’s neat that the same March Madness that appeals to so many people apparently interests our Commander-in-Chief as well, and I think it was a good PR move for him to release his bracket publicly.

Some people are complaining about Obama taking time out from dealing with the serious issues facing our country to do something as unimportant as fill out a basketball bracket, but I think that’s a little ridiculous, considering that it probably only took him about 10 minutes.

Of course, if President Obama spends as much time watching this year’s tournament as I am planning to, then we might have something to talk about.

You can see all of his picks here.


Angela 3/19/09, 6:53 PM  

Yeah, I thought it was funny that people complained about him "taking time" to make a bracket when:

A) It's well documented that he is a huge basketball nut
B) Dubyah loved sports too
C) Even presidents have to have some downtime!

MrsDockery 3/19/09, 8:53 PM  

I actually think its pretty important to do some seemingly trivial things sometimes, especially when a large percentage of the country he represents is doing the same thing.

Luke Dockery 3/20/09, 11:16 AM  


I agree with all of that.

W used to train for and run marathons, which probably took slightly more time than filling out brackets, and I thought more of him for doing so, not less.

Luke Dockery 3/20/09, 11:18 AM  


I agree. To a very large degree, I think trivial things are what makes life enjoyable.

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