Observation #5

If America really does run on Dunkin’, that would go a long way toward explaining our considerable obesity and heart disease problems.


Bob Walker 3/30/09, 3:07 PM  

Now you've quit preachin' and gone to meddlin'!

Justin and Heather Bland 3/30/09, 9:44 PM  

not so much running as sitting (or even reclining)...

but obviously running sounds better.

Luke Dockery 3/31/09, 8:45 AM  


Haha, sorry.

Needless to say, if America switched to the Salsbury Steak fritters that Leon likes to buy as our main fuel source, we'd be a lot better off. Because no one eats those.

Luke Dockery 3/31/09, 8:46 AM  


Yeah, probably the PR people realized the implication of saying the entire country was fueled by donuts, and thought that using the word “run” would help disguise what they were saying.

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