Cheaters Never Prosper…

Except all too often, they do. Which makes the times when they don’t really, really nice.


Anonymous 2/4/08, 1:21 PM  

Sounds awfully like a demotivator to me. Maybe you should send this to despair.com.

Luke 2/5/08, 9:35 AM  


Is this Allen Cochran? Do I really have Allen Cochran commenting on my blog? I'm honored (if you're a different Allen, I'm still honored, and you can disregard the first part).

But you're right. It does sound an awful lot like a demotivator. Maybe I could get royalty $ from them?

Veronica 2/5/08, 11:37 AM  

I'm personally very happy that the Patriots put out a bunch of "Perfect Season 2007" merchandise before actually winning the Super Bowl. I guess technically they did have a perfect regular season, but still.

Luke 2/5/08, 12:40 PM  


Yeah, I'm sure some people will try to claim the shirt is referring to the perfect regular season, but whatever. We all know the Patriots regard the season as a disappointment and would've much rather lost 6 games in the regular season and won the Super Bowl than to have things turn out the way they did.

They should ship all of those bogus shirts overseas to third world countries...or make the Patriots players wear them.

Veronica 2/6/08, 4:19 PM  

I'd love to see Tom Brady in one.

Kenny Simpson 2/7/08, 11:20 AM  

Amen. Perfectville: Population 1.

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