The Team That Won’t Lose

As a baseball blogger (and I have a button on my sidebar that claims that I am), I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the Colorado Rockies and their improbable run to the World Series.

Barely a month ago, I was in Denver telling my uncle, a rabid Rockies fan, that Colorado, who had no post-season experience to speak of, would crumble down the stretch and not even make the playoffs.

Now, here we are a month later, the Rockies have won an unbelievable 21 of their last 22 games, and I am really starting to get tired of having to eat so much humble pie.

So now, a mere four games away from a World Series title, I am throwing my hat in with the Rockies.

And now that I’ve done so, watch them forget how to win as quickly as they learned.


Anonymous 10/18/07, 12:05 AM  

While I know nothing about baseball, I remember folks making fun of the Rockies in high school. I kinda have this detatched vicarious sense of victory with them.

Luke Dockery 10/22/07, 11:58 PM  


Well, I have a somewhat personal sense of embarrassment with each of their wins, but at this point, I'm cheering for them anyway.

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