Worth Every Penny

I generally don’t like receiving text messages. It’s not that I have anything against text messages themselves—on the contrary, most of the time I’d rather communicate with someone via text message than actually talk to them on the phone.

No, with me, the problem with text messages is a very economic one: thanks to the lovely people over at Cingul—uh, I mean AT&T Wireless, each text I send or receive now costs me $0.15.

Now $0.15 may not seem like much, but it starts to add up after a while. And when it does, my wife is not happy.

Nevertheless, yesterday I received a text message from one of the guys who used to be in my youth group that was easily worth the $0.15 that it cost me:

What the mullet is up? I haven’t seen you since the Dead Sea was only sick!
It’s rare that I read something that literally makes me laugh out loud. This text message did. I’d pay $0.15 for it any day.


Anonymous 10/4/07, 11:56 PM  

I am rolling, yea, quaking with laughter.

I'd buy that off of iTunes if I could.

david mcmahon 10/6/07, 12:18 AM  

Nice work, Luke

Luke Dockery 10/7/07, 4:29 PM  

It certainly made my day. The guy who sent it to me is pretty funny, but I feel fortunate that the funniest moment of his life is saved for posterity on my phone.

Luke Dockery 10/7/07, 4:29 PM  

Glad you liked it.

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