Quite Possibly The Ugliest Car I Have Ever Seen

I was stopped at a traffic light with my dad yesterday when he pointed out an unusual car as it passed by.

We agreed that the Razorback red Ford Crown Victoria with 26” rims was hideous, and were wondering who would drive it, when suddenly my dad exclaimed, “Oh, it’s D-Mac’s!”

“D-Mac,” of course, being the nickname of the Arkansas Razorbacks’ superhuman, Heisman Trophy-favorite running back, Darren McFadden.

We then watched in amusement as D-Mac drove on in his Pimp My Ride version of a monster truck.

Darren McFadden is, by far, the best college player in the country, but his taste in automobiles leaves a little bit to be desired.


Angela 10/10/07, 11:01 PM  

Gotta roll in style, man!!

Anonymous 10/11/07, 11:31 AM  

I love that story. And I especially love it that Boby used McFadden's "D-Mac" moniker. Good stuff. Wish I had been there.

Luke Dockery 10/11/07, 4:33 PM  


A pimped out Crown Vic…that sort of style seems appropriate for Arkansas. Reminds me of when Gov. Huckabee stayed in a doublewide trailer on the lawn while the Governor's mansion was being renovated.

Luke Dockery 10/11/07, 4:34 PM  


It was really pretty priceless. And Dad was all over it being D-mac's car. He was way ahead of me on that one.

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