Are You SURE You’re Not Injured?

As the regular readers of The Doc File know, I was in a car accident which was not my fault a little over a month ago.

Starting a week or so after the accident, a steady flow of letters started trickling in. They usually began like this:

“Dear Robert (my first name):

This is a letter of solicitation. If you have already retained an attorney for your personal injury claim, please disregard this letter. Our investigations of police records indicate that you may have been injured in an accident…”

They would then go on to encourage me to call them, and then would try to persuade me why I should entrust my case to them—usually because they were cheap, or experienced in personal injury cases.

One of the lawyers was actually a former paramedic and even confided in me that he too had been in a car crash before he became a lawyer (as if this were a rare shared experience that would build trust with me)!

Unfortunately, none of these upstanding, respectable ambulance-chasers got any business from me, mainly because I didn’t suffer any injuries.

The fact that they were generally clueless about what my last name was didn’t help them either.


Paul Murphy 6/6/07, 1:23 AM  

To think, Caroline could have been Mrs. Caroline Nockery. Shame.

Rachael Dockery 6/6/07, 11:43 AM  

Besides, if any attorney is going to benefit financially from your pain, it's going to be your sister. I mean, your "loving, concerned sister".

Luke Dockery 6/6/07, 11:48 AM  


I was thinking the Mrs. Duckery would’ve been even better/more unfortunate.

Luke Dockery 6/6/07, 11:57 AM  


It took me a moment to get over the shock of seeing that you commented on my blog, but now that I’ve done so, I can respond:

That’s similar to what I was thinking. There was no way I was throwing work at anyone else while I had you around.

After all, Pro-Bono work is never more fun than when it’s done for “loving, suffering brother,” right?

Rachael Dockery 6/6/07, 1:22 PM  

Pro bono work is encouraged, but not required, of lawyers. My version of pro bono work is to give you the ol' family discount, where I only take, say, 25% of your total recovery amount. Call me generous.

Anonymous 6/6/07, 6:14 PM  

i didn't know that your name was robert!!! all these years i was so outtta the loop!

Luke Dockery 6/6/07, 9:09 PM  


The ol’ family discount is a little disappointing.


It’s not really something that I generally publicize.
Besides, you shouldn’t feel bad: I don’t know your middle name.

Anonymous 6/7/07, 12:54 AM  

Mrs. Duckery would have been more appropriate and relatively exciting due to your encyclopedic knowledge of Duck Tails. Right now I am actually wishing it was. Glad youre not injured buddy, but it sounds like its something that could pop up anytime, so be careful.

Luke Dockery 6/7/07, 8:47 AM  


My neck actually is pretty sore right now. I figured it was from laying out at ultimate last night, but now that I think about it, it’s probably a latent injury from my wreck.

Anonymous 6/7/07, 10:43 PM  

yes but its not your middle name its your first name.. plus i am probably a lot more in others people business than you are...

david mcmahon 6/9/07, 7:40 AM  

Dear Mr Mockery/ Shockery/

What a wonderful post. Would you ever consider going down the legal path with someone who couldn't even get your name right!!



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