There Can Be No Doubt…

It had been a while since we had heard anything from the Loch Ness Monster (except for that funny Toyota commercial, but that was generally considered to be a joke), but apparently, “Nessie” is alive and well.

I was particularly pleased to hear this. Out of all the myths and wild stories out there—Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, 2Pac being alive and well, Barry Bonds being steroid-free—the Loch Ness Monster has always been my favorite and the one I chose to believe in.

You can see the video and a local television station’s coverage of the story on YouTube.

Really, the video is a little disappointing; it’s only about ten seconds long and the monster could easily be a big log caught in a current.

But at least you can hear some cool Scottish accents.


Angela 6/2/07, 12:08 PM  

I've always wished that there was a Loch Ness Monster too.

It's probably some kind of big eel or something.

Anonymous 6/3/07, 6:26 AM  

Looks like a slow news day in Edinburgh.

Don't get me wrong, I'm hanging in there for the LNM to be bona fide, as well, but this new "evidence" isn't helping credibility much.

Luke Dockery 6/3/07, 4:33 PM  


If it’s a big enough eel, I think it still qualifies.

The guy who took the video said that what he saw was 40-50 feet long, which is quite a bit bigger than the eels we know about.

Luke Dockery 6/3/07, 4:40 PM  


Are you serious? That 10 seconds of footage of an indistinct dark form didn’t absolutely convince you?

Of course you are right.

david mcmahon 6/4/07, 2:50 PM  

Hi Luke,

Yep, the whole story has always fascinated me as well.

Monster? Scottish accents? Hey it worked for Shrek!

Many thanks for your thoughts expressed so candidly on my blog. Really appreciate the input.

To start with - how about we blogroll each other? Let me know ....



Anonymous 5/19/08, 11:50 PM  


For some reason, that picture of Nessie always makes me think of this:


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