A Long Afternoon

I like to take naps on Sunday afternoons, but I knew my nap time today would be severely limited by my having to be at the church building at 4:00 PM for the monthly elders’ and ministers’ meeting.

When I left, the Braves were down 4-2.

The meeting went okay, but it was loooooong, and I didn’t get out until 5:40. At that point I realized I didn’t have much time to get the PowerPoint announcements ready by church time, and so I began hurrying around the building, booting up the computer and tracking down people I needed to talk to for information.

At that point, I got a call from the wife, who informed me that she couldn’t find her car keys anywhere. After confirming that her keys weren’t in my car, I explained the situation to Larry (the preacher I work with) and a couple of others and went to go pick her up.

I had only made it about five minutes down the road when I got backed up at a stop light. In the left hand lane of a five lane road (two lanes each way and a turn lane), I began to inch my car forward when the light turned green.

As I started to pass a car which was stationary to my right, a car which was pulling out of a driveway to my right and trying to cross traffic caught my eye. It had pulled in front of the car to my right, but rather than stop to see if there was anyone in the left lane, the driver just zoomed ahead and plowed into my car, by the front passenger tire.

Needless to say, I didn’t make it back in time for church services.

Fortunately, neither of us was hurt, and we were able to get our cars out of the road without much trouble. Also fortunately, the accident wasn’t my fault, so the insurance shouldn’t be too much of a problem, and my parents were able to pick up my car key-less wife and come to get me.

Unfortunately, Kermit (my car) is now undriveable, and I have to deal with getting him fixed, hassle with insurance companies and get a rental car.

Then my dad informed me that after taking the lead, the Braves managed to lose in dramatic fashion late in the game.

So that’s the bad news.

The good news is that when I got home, I found the missing car keys.


Kenny Simpson 5/1/07, 10:37 AM  

Glad you are ok.

Angela 5/2/07, 6:46 PM  

That Murphy and his laws!!

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