Enter Jeeves

I’ve been a little tardy in announcing it, but I got a new car last week to take the place of Kermit, who was prematurely hastened to automobile heaven a couple of weeks ago.

Caroline and I shopped around online and were fortunate enough to find a car in Fayetteville that we liked: a gray 2005 Hyundai Sonata.

The car came pretty loaded—V6, sun roof, seat warmers, functional power windows—and only had 39,000 miles on it.

Plus, we were able to get a great deal on it, extend the warranty for a reasonable price, and we got a free 5-day, 4-night cruise from because of a promotion going on at the dealership. All in all, we were very happy.

I thought the new car looked quite dignified, so I named it “Jeeves,” which only seemed fitting. Jeeves is quite a nice ride, and is an upgrade from Kermit, and certainly a big step up from the PT Cruiser.


Anonymous 5/15/07, 11:28 AM  

oh wow... i just dont get it... why do you all name your cars!!! lol..:)

Luke Dockery 5/15/07, 12:08 PM  

People name all sorts of non-people things: pets, boats, airplanes...Why shouldn't cars be named?

My brother has a theory that cars should only be named after girls, but I think that's sexist.

Anonymous 5/15/07, 12:39 PM  

...why? why did we climb Mt. Everest, land on the moon, break the 4-min mile? why does every ship have a name?... because its there, because thats what men do.

Huge congrats on the new car man, and the functioning windows...splendid. I, of course, Highly approve of the name, well done. does it have cruise control? Speaking of which, Sweet cruise man! thats awesome, where are you going? when?

Luke Dockery 5/15/07, 2:57 PM  

Jeeves does have cruise control. Since that was one of the main criterion for choosing a car, you'd think that I would've remembered to say that.

As for the cruise...I'm not sure. We get to pick between Mexico, the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands. I've already been to the Bahamas and Mexico seems less cruise-ish than the other two, so as of now, I'm thinking the Virgin Islands.

We have like 18 months to take the cruise, so maybe this summer, but more likely during Christmas break or next summer.

By the way, how is Paul the Protege doing?

Angela 5/15/07, 6:25 PM  

Maybe Jared says that because of the tradition of naming boats after women?

Edward Carson 5/15/07, 10:49 PM  

Very nice; I am now thinking of giving my car a name too. Luke, can we really compare a car to a dog? Of course, we probably spend just as much on the dog as we do the car.

Luke Dockery 5/16/07, 10:41 AM  


That's what he claims. But boats (especially big ones) are also named after presidents, states and other things, so it doesn't seem to me that they should only be named after women.

Luke Dockery 5/16/07, 10:43 AM  


Better late than never.

I wasn't trying to equate dogs to cars and thereby offend dog-lovers (or car-lovers); I was mainly just pointing out the natural human tendency to name things of importance that they own.

Anonymous 5/16/07, 1:21 PM  

... well hmm yeah i really dont have anything to say just that.. I just dont get it is all... and luke since you are all about not being sexist.. i think you should def. back my having girl counselors up the hill this year as well and guys.. we could have mixed coaching teams.. since your all about not being sexist.. you should be all for that!:)

Luke Dockery 5/16/07, 2:07 PM  

Sexism aside, one thing I AM all about is rookie counselors paying their dues.

Therefore, it's unlikely that you'll find an ally in me when it comes to making big changes to benefit yourself. :P

Edward Carson 5/17/07, 6:55 AM  

I know; I was having fun. I am still working on a name for my car. This is not an easy task.

Clay Hendrix 5/31/07, 11:07 PM  

Nomenclature is fascinating to me. I have always heard that our rides should be given female names. Gear heads always refer to automobiles using the feminine pronouns (she or her) and I assume since gear heads have an attraction for vehicles and the classical mental image of a gear head is a man then we have some light shed upon quintessential automobile nomenclature. Therefore, one can conclude that it is based upon stereotypic ideology.

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