You would probably expect that a person who normally drives a Saturn wouldn't be too picky about what kind of rental car he was given.

You would generally be right.

But then yesterday, Enterprise gave me a "free upgrade" and I got stuck with a PT Cruiser.

I mean, even I have my limits.


Angela 5/2/07, 6:48 PM  

Too girly? Too yuppie? Too chic?

Josh M 5/2/07, 7:18 PM  


Anonymous 5/3/07, 9:07 AM  

That's an upgrade? My condolences.

Luke Dockery 5/3/07, 9:25 AM  


Maybe this will help explain. Last night at church, I was telling a 4th grader about my rental:

4th Grader: What kind of car did you get?
Me: A PT Cruiser.
4th Grader: My grandparents drive a PT Cruiser.
Me: Ya, so does everyone else's grandparents.

Luke Dockery 5/3/07, 9:26 AM  

I think it was an upgrade in that it was bigger than my car. At least as close as I can figure.

But "free upgrade" was just code for "we don't have any other cars right now."

Josh M 5/3/07, 10:15 AM  

interesting. I think my grandmother drives a PT cruiser too.

Clay Hendrix 5/7/07, 4:36 PM  
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Clay Hendrix 5/7/07, 4:37 PM  

My grandparents used to drive a PT Cruiser too, but they have more class than that.
Also, I think that a "free upgrade" most likely means "no one else will drive this car, Mr. Dockery." "Have a nice day in cruisin' in the cruiser!"

Luke Dockery 5/7/07, 4:51 PM  

Ironically, the PT Cruiser didn’t actually have cruise control. It seems like it was poorly named.

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