Things Could Be Worse…

I generally try not to complain about gas prices, and have even blogged about not doing so before. That being said, I was a little annoyed when I got gas about a week ago for $2.99 per gallon. I was a little more annoyed yesterday when I filled up at the same station for $3.29 per gallon.

Gas prices are hitting record highs all across the U.S., but as bad as we have it here, it could be worse. According to this article, gas prices have topped $6.50 per gallon in Britain and are approaching $7.00 in Hong Kong. In light of those figures, $3.29 doesn’t seem quite so bad.

On the other hand, if you lived in Kuwait, you could fill up for about $0.82 per gallon.

Of course, the downside of that is that you’d be living in Kuwait.

I think I’ll just pay the $3.29 and keep my mouth shut.


Kenny Simpson 5/16/07, 1:04 PM  

I'll pay $3.29 and continue to whine.

Jared Dockery 5/16/07, 1:58 PM  

Why do I have the feeling that this post was just an excuse to use that Logan's-style artwork?

Luke Dockery 5/16/07, 2:05 PM  

In complete honesty, the post came first, and then when I was looking for an illustration, well...

If it was all about the picture, surely I could've come up with something better.

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