We Could’ve Had This Guy…

A high-profile coach signed on with a low-profile program this week when Rick Majerus reached a six year agreement with the St. Louis Billikens.

With a career record of 422-147 and 10 conference titles in the Mid-American Conference, Western Athletic Conference and Mountain West Conference, Majerus’ best season came in 1998, when he lead the Utah Utes to the National Championship game and won the John Wooden Award as the National Coach of the Year.

Majerus has had weight-related health issues in recent years, and also received criticism for changing his mind and deciding not to coach at USC after just a few days a couple of years ago. That being said, he is certainly a great hire for a school like St. Louis.

He was actually my favorite choice for the Arkansas job, and was interested in the job (to the point that he reportedly promised to lose 50 pounds by season’s start to allay concern about his health), but the Razorbacks told him “No thanks,” and went for some guy from a no-name school instead.

I like Majerus and hope he does well at St. Louis. I also hope the Razorbacks don’t come to regret passing on him.


Kenny Simpson 5/1/07, 10:36 AM  

Your last two comments are the major point: He will do well, and Arkansas will regret not taking him.

Luke Dockery 5/1/07, 3:30 PM  


Ya, that's just what I'm afraid of.

Anonymous 5/8/07, 2:29 PM  

I think Pelphrey is going to be a very good coach for years to come. I told a friend of mine (who's a UK grad) several years ago that Pelphrey had a bright future. I like him a lot and I think he'll do very well at Arkansas.

Florida AD Jeremy Foley called Broyles and recommended Pelphrey, but only after Donovan decided to stay at Florida (which was the week after Altman had fled back to Creighton). That seemed to indicate Pelphrey would've been one of Florida's top candidates to replace Donovan. I think he's a very good hire, and will prove to be a winner.

Luke Dockery 5/8/07, 3:04 PM  


Thanks for posting on my blog.

I was overly dismissive of Pelphrey in this post. I think he'll be a good fit, and we ought to have a great season (with the talent the Razorbacks are returning, I think I could coach them to 20 wins).

I was more upset that they dismissed someone with the track record of Majerus (health concerns and all) and went for a Sun Belt coach who hasn't exactly been a world-beater there.

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