The Soap Opera Continues…

So it looks like you can completely disregard my post from yesterday.

It turns out that Dana Altman has changed his mind and is returning to his old job at Creighton.

It’s really getting hard to keep up with this whole coach search thing. First, we supposedly had Billy Gillispie from Texas A&M, then we were going after Bill Self from Kansas, then USC’s Tim Floyd and lastly John Calipari from Memphis before finally settling for Altman.

Apparently no one wants to coach at Arkansas.

A source close to the Arkansas Athletic Department has leaked that the job will be offered to me next, but so far I haven’t given any indication as to whether or not I am interested.

Seriously though, as the Arkansas Razorbacks increasingly become the laughingstock of the nation, it gets to be more and more difficult to be a Hog fan.

Over the weekend, I was in Little Rock with my wife’s family and we visited the Clinton Presidential Library. One of the items on display was a letter to President Clinton written by Nolan Richardson, who coached the Razorback basketball team to its first and only National Championship in 1994.

In times like this, I find solace in the words of wisdom offered by Richardson:

“Remember Though Times Don’t Last. However, Though People Do.”

So true.


Kenny Simpson 4/4/07, 9:35 AM  

Too late to bring back Heath???

Angela 4/4/07, 5:47 PM  

Where did you find a copy of that letter? Hee-hee!!

Anonymous 4/5/07, 9:14 AM  

Ok, just for clarification purposes, he did mean "tough" and not "though" right? I think it is funny that they display a note that, with that misspelling, made no sense.

Luke Dockery 4/9/07, 12:56 AM  

I think (now) Heath is grateful to have escaped from our nightmare of an AD.

The picture of the letter is actually a slightly photoshopped version of one I took with my camera.

Yeah, "tough" is what he was looking for. I thought it was funny too, but it was neat in that it was sent during March of 1994, when the Razorbacks were in the midst of winning the National Championship.

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