Friday Summary Report, September 28

It has been a while since the last Summary Report, but things continue to be busy.

One of the grad school classes I’m taking this semester, Greek Readings, is taking a ton of my time. I’m doing well in the class (we have weekly quizzes), but between the translation assignments, the memorization of paradigms and principal parts, listening to the class lectures, and learning new vocabulary, it is just a lot of work. It’s just the end of September, and I know I’ve still got a lot of the class left, but I am looking forward to December.

I’ll be going to Memphis in a couple weeks for Global Evangelism, which is the second class I’m taking this semester. I have been so busy with the weekly work for Greek that Global Evangelism has taken a backseat, which means that I have a plethora of reading to do over the next two weeks. I honestly don’t know how I’ll be able to get it all done.

In addition to my classes, I have all of my regular ministry responsibilities, so it’s a full plate. My blogging will likely take somewhat of a hit for a few weeks.

Some random tidbits:
  • This weekend is Bikes, Blues & BBQ in Fayetteville; I will be doing my best to completely avoid it.
  • The Arkansas Razorback football team continues its complete nose dive. We are currently at 1-3, and are facing an unlikely opportunity for a road victory at Texas A&M this weekend. And we thought we had a shot at contending for the SEC title?!
And finally, a few articles from around the net worth reading:


Adam Noles 9/28/12, 2:52 PM  

I understand your pain this semester. Keep at it!

Grew up watching Chipper and the Braves. Can't say that I have kept up with baseball in many years. Sad to see that era end.

Luke Dockery 9/29/12, 6:00 PM  


I've been a Braves fan for a long time…since about 1987 or so (I was 4…that's as far back as I can remember!). It will certainly take a while to get used to not seeing Chipper at 3B.

Matt Marino 10/3/12, 7:48 PM  

Hi Luke,
Thanks for linking to my blog post on "cool churches". I read your 4 links on youth ministers. I am thoroughly onboard with them...with a qualification to the office hours point. Youth guys who do lots of office hours have killer fliers. :-) The high school and the junior high and the coffee house with leaders is where I want the ym people I train. I want them, and the church, to see youth ministers as missionaries to the high school, resourcers of parents and trainers of discipleship leaders.
Great blog!

Luke Dockery 10/4/12, 4:11 PM  

Hey Matt, thanks for the comment, and for your feedback on my thoughts on youth ministers.

Regarding the office hours, I think it's an issue of balance: if you want your YM to be active in the lives of the students they work with, then you have to give them the freedom to be out of the office. That being said, there are YM activities such as studying/preparing for Bible studies, planning events, etc., that can be done from an office which also help to make them available to the congregation at large.

Thanks again for the comment; loved your article!

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