“How to be a Better Twentysomething”

Relevant Magazine has posted a wonderful article by Jacqueline Ritacco entitled, “How to be a Better Twentysomething.” I wish every Twentysomething I knew would read it because it contains some great insight.

Here’s a bit from the introduction:
“Now, I finally realize I am tiring myself out. Upon reflection, I see the new Millennial generation coming up from behind with so much energy and enthusiasm, reading to take over for me. That’s a good thing—a promise for the future. I admire you for all your independence, your adventurous nature, your strong faith, your command over communication and your desire for balanced, meaningful lives. At the same time, I remain cautious on your behalf as you come of age in an expansive world in which there are seemingly no boundaries. 
As you venture forth, here is my wish list for you to do well…”
Click through for the rest of the article; it really is worth your time.


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