Little Things

I’ve always taken great joy from the “little things” in life and also from watching other people.

These two elements combined the other day while Caroline and I were eating at a Mexican restaurant.

Two young men, probably in their early 20s, were eating in a booth adjacent to ours, and when one got up to use the restroom, I noticed a mischievous grin appear on the face of the other. Once his friend was out of sight, he reached for the salt shaker, started cracking up, and poured a generous amount of salt into his companion’s drink.

After stirring it in, he apparently decided he hadn’t added enough, and then added a second helping. He then sat there, eagerly watching the restroom for his friend to return.

When he finally did return, the look on his face after drinking his salty beverage and his friend’s reaction to that look were absolutely priceless.

The whole episode made my day.


Lori T 6/30/09, 1:06 PM  

Thank you; the story made me smile.

Alex 7/3/09, 8:10 AM  

During my freshman year, if I ever left my booth in the cafeteria for whatever reason, I would always get another drink before returning for the reason you have pointed out. Just saving time.

Justin and Heather Bland 7/4/09, 12:13 AM  

hahaha! fantastic!

Luke Dockery 7/4/09, 6:09 PM  


Glad you liked it! Caroline and I were doing a whole lot of smiling as we observed it!

Luke Dockery 7/4/09, 6:12 PM  


That's hilarious, although you probably got a little tired of doing so.

Along a similar vein, there are certain members of my youth group who cannot be left alone around salt or parmesan cheese shakers because they'll loosen the tops so they'll fall off when you try to use them.

Luke Dockery 7/4/09, 6:14 PM  


Once I realized what was going on, I should've taken out my phone to get some video of it. It would've been even funnier then.

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