I Have A New Dog

Technically, it’s Caroline’s dog. She had been wanting a puppy for quite a while, and I told her that once she was out of school for the summer we could get one. So yesterday, we drove to Harrison, Arkansas and adopted one from the animal shelter there.

This is Jasper. He is a border collie/lab mix, and although he was very shy at first, he has warmed up to us pretty quickly.

So far, he seems to be pretty smart. Not only has he already taken interest in playing frisbee, but last night he somehow figured out which room was ours and whined and yelped outside our window all night. Good times.


Lori T 6/9/09, 7:44 PM  

Good for y'all! We got Sabra at the Searcy Animal Shelter. I want to rescue more dogs, but Jonathan won't let me:(. So, are y'all keeping him outside??

Angela 6/9/09, 8:02 PM  

He's a cutie!

RMD 6/10/09, 9:40 AM  

As the owner of both a lab and a border collie, you all seriously should have talked to me. But you didn't. Good luck! Have fun!

Luke Dockery 6/11/09, 9:18 AM  


We are keeping him outside. Right now we're renting the house that we live in and we're not allowed to have pets inside, but I'd be in favor of keeping him outside anyway.

Luke Dockery 6/11/09, 9:19 AM  


I didn't know your new dog was a border collie. After being convinced that a beagle would not be good, Caroline was pretty set on trying to get a lab/border collie mix.

RMD 6/16/09, 8:30 AM  

Well, I'm probably bringing both Gatsby and Harper down this weekend, at which point she can thoroughly corrupt Jasper.

Anonymous 7/12/09, 11:24 PM  

Great this come from Harrison . . .

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