Flea Market Find

I spent most of last week in (or en route to and from) Denver, Colorado for a wedding.

One of the undoubted highlights of the trip was visiting a flea market and finding an affordable ($12) 1950 Bowman baseball card of Preacher Roe, the only Harding University alum to play in the Major Leagues.

I’ll be in town for the next several days, so hopefully that will result in a little more activity on the blogging front.


Robb Hadley 7/7/09, 11:20 AM  

Wow! That's really cool!!

Justin and Heather Bland 7/8/09, 5:02 PM  

That is a fantastic find! I would have never thought that would be something at a flea market... congrats!

Luke Dockery 7/8/09, 10:28 PM  


I also found great deals on a Larry Doby and a Warren Spahn rookie card, but I didn't think it prudent to ask Caroline if I could spend $135 on cardboard.

Luke Dockery 7/8/09, 10:29 PM  


Flea markets mainly contain junk…and probably fleas as well.

But occasionally, you get lucky!

MrsDockery 7/10/09, 2:50 PM  

My dad says he might have a Preacher Roe from 1956 or so...he collects Dodgers in Topps. He seemed impressed with your find.

Luke Dockery 7/14/09, 2:03 PM  


Always nice to have the approval of a real collector!

Jonathan Towell 7/17/09, 4:50 PM  

Nice find!

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