Recurring Dreams

I hate having the same dream over and over. I mean, I guess having recurring dreams could be a good thing, if it’s a good dream that you get to reenact time and time again, but it never seems to happen like that for me.

I had both of the following dreams (again) yesterday, one during my afternoon nap and one last night:

  • The Minor Car Wreck: Back in December, I rear-ended someone one morning while I was driving in slick conditions. It had iced the night before, and was raining when it happened, and although I could see the car stopped far in front of me, when I put on the brakes, I got no traction, the car hydroplaned, and I hit the car in front of me. No one was hurt, but my car was pretty messed up. Ever since then, I’ve dreamed over and over about getting in car wrecks. Sometimes in parking lots, sometimes on the road, sometimes my car is damaged, sometimes it isn’t, but always it’s because my brakes won’t work, and always I can see the wreck coming in advance and this feeling of dread comes crashing down on me.
  • Excessive Class Skipping: Back in college, I skipped class quite often, but I always did so in a calculated fashion—I always knew how many times I had skipped, how many skips I had left, and, in those wonderful classes in which attendance wasn’t required, how often I needed to actually go to class and still do well on tests. My recurring bad dream about class skipping is different though, in that generally, I completely forget that I’m in a certain class and later realize that I’ve skipped class for several weeks and now am in the difficult position of trying to resurrect my grade after not going to class all semester.
Anyone else ever have recurring dreams? Does anyone ever have good recurring dreams? Because personally, I’m getting really tired of fender-bending my car and failing Gen.Ed. classes.


Colby 8/5/08, 3:22 PM  

I have almost the exact same dreams, quite often. With the class skipping one it often turns out I had intended to drop the class early in the semester but just forgot. And now exams are here and it's too late to do anything.

But it's such a wonderful feeling to wake up and know that that will (probably) never, ever happen to me.

Luke Dockery 8/6/08, 11:50 AM  


It's nice to know that I have some company.

You're right though, it is nice when you wake up and realize you don't have anymore finals to take.

MrsDockery 8/6/08, 4:33 PM  

I have the class skipping type dream too, only I've missed work. Its at the pool I worked at in high school, and I haven't shown up all summer even though I've been scheduled. For some reason, they have yet to fire me.

Alex 8/7/08, 12:49 PM  

My recurring dream makes me feel like I should see a shrink:

In this dream, a friend (always different) and I are surreptitiously wandering around Harding, being followed by someone hostile. We are eventually chased to the fountain in front of the Benson, which is filled with orange and gray fish. The fish then jump out of the fountain and start morphing into humanoid fish-aliens.

Suddenly, before I can react, the ground starts shaking. The bricks split open and I discover that the fountain is actually the tip of a spaceship, which launches from campus into the atmosphere.

Obviously, I am compelled to fight the fish-aliens. I find myself in a a spaceship of my own, though I have no idea how to operate it. My ship quickly comes under attack and is destroyed. The last vision I have before waking is my disembodied head floating in space.

I wish I was kidding.

Paul Murphy 8/7/08, 1:53 PM  

the class skipping dream happened every time finals came around...

Luke Dockery 8/7/08, 4:02 PM  

Mrs. D,

Maybe they understand that the commute from Maryland to Topeka is a beast.

Luke Dockery 8/7/08, 4:04 PM  


That is bizarre on so many levels.

It does seem unfair that you have to engage in a space fight without knowing how to operate your ship though.

Luke Dockery 8/7/08, 4:06 PM  


I may have had the dream during college, but I don't remember it.

Then I used to have nightmares about working for the moving company.

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