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Yesterday, we were getting ready to watch the Arkansas-Kentucky basketball game at the Dockery house when we got a call that someone had driven their car into the printing room of the church building where my dad works.

When we got there, we were pretty shocked to see only 2-3 feet of the truck sticking out of the building. There was a large metal support pole inside that was torn down and snapped almost in half.

Fortunately, the driver of the truck wasn’t hurt. She was actually the new mail lady, and was dropping of a registered letter, but was driving a (new) truck that she wasn’t familiar with and accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes (she was sitting on the right side to deliver the mail and was hitting the pedals with her left foot) and drove right through the doors.

The hole in the building is temporarily patched up, but it will be a while before its completely fixed. Hopefully, it won’t slow down the printing operations too much, and things can get back to normal as soon as possible.

It was really pretty exciting, in a destructive/shocking/problematic sort of way.

Then we went home and watched the Razorbacks blow a big lead and lose their seventh consecutive game against the Wildcats. Let’s not talk about that.


TWD 2/5/07, 9:32 AM  

Thank God nobody was seriously hurt.

Luke Dockery 2/5/07, 10:42 AM  

The driver actually wasn't hurt at all, which was very fortunate. She was pretty upset though, as it was her husband's new truck, and she was in a trial period with the post office. I felt bad for her.

Angela 2/5/07, 10:25 PM  


I hope they give the lady a second chance!

Kenny Simpson 2/6/07, 10:53 AM  


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