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It has been a busy weekend in NW Arkansas, one in which several significant stories have unfolded. Here are some of the big events over the last couple of days, in roughly chronological order:

1. Razorback Football

Frank Broyles is stepping down as the University of Arkansas Athletic Director. Broyles is in his 49th year, but more and more people across the state of Arkansas began to call for his resignation for the role he has played in Houston Nutt’s Football Sins, Volume 2006-2007.

Nutt has been under considerable pressure after the defections of his offensive coordinator and a couple of highly-rated recruits, but after this story, published earlier this week, highlighted some of the most egregious of Nutt’s numerous moral offenses, there was much speculation that he would actually be fired.

Sadly, it looks like Broyles remained faithful to the apple of his eye to the bitter end, and sacrificed himself so Nutt could keep his job.

Incidentally, Nutt got a raise and a contract extension.

2. Razorback Basketball

The Arkansas Razorback basketball team continues to toy with my emotions. Three days after getting blown away 84-60 at Mississippi St. and dropping to 4-7 in conference, the Hogs manhandled the SEC West-leading Ole Miss Rebels today, 83-66.

A loss today would have almost certainly eliminated any chance the Razorbacks had at an at-large NCAA tourney bid, but now, there is still a slight glimmer of hope.

3. Sweet Dreams

My wife, who requires more sleep than I can personally comprehend, got in 11+ hours last night. She was still a little tired today, so she took two naps, but she was pretty wide awake after the second one.

4. Dockery Domination

At the Farmington Church of Christ Sweetheart Banquet this evening, my wife (who was in peak form thanks to #3) and I completely dominated the Newlywed Game. We answered the same on 8 0f 9 questions, and beat the 2nd place couple, who had been married for 35+ years, by 15 points.

The photo above is of the Hogs’ shot-blocking fiend, Steven Hill, and was taken by the AP.


Anonymous 2/18/07, 11:13 PM  

Congrats on the big win, way to represent young couples everywhere. I would owe that to the nearly copious amount of sleep that your wife received. btw great tag on her, hilarious.

Angela 2/19/07, 10:16 PM  

Congrats on smashing the competition at the banquet.

Sleeping a lot must run in the family. I got in 12 hours last night and I feel great! :)

Will 2/22/07, 9:08 PM  

Your wife sleeps almost as much as me. See, living with me prepared you for something.

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