Funny Things You See On Facebook: Christian Counseling

The sidebar of my facebook page is always cluttered with advertisements which are supposed to be relevant to me in some way, but never actually are. They are, however, occasionally a source of great humor.

Today one of the ads was encouraging me to get my Christian Counseling degree (in as little as one year!). That’s not so strange I guess, but I was a little surprised by the choice of picture used to illustrate such a degree program—what appears to be the back of a leg tattooed with a picture of Jesus.
I haven’t taken any counseling classes yet as part of my degree program, so I confess to being ignorant here—is getting a Jesus calf tattoo part of the degree program, or is the tattoo something that the counselor suggests to his client as part of the counseling process?

Any assistance you could give me would be appreciated.

UPDATE: However the tattoos are used in the context of counseling, apparently it is also acceptable for them to be on the back of the neck.


Will 5/17/12, 9:43 AM  

Could be a two-fer. You learn counseling and the tattoo arts at the same time.

Luke Dockery 5/18/12, 9:19 AM  


Maybe it’s a good deal. It would certainly increase your hiring prospects.

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