Martin Luther King Jr. and Jackie Robinson

Last week I wrote about Jackie Robinson’s integration of Major League Baseball in 1947 and mentioned that, after Martin Luther King Jr., Robinson was the most important figure in the American Civil Rights movement.

Today, while reading an article (which I recommend, by the way) about Jackie’s widow, Rachel Robinson, I came upon this quotation about Robinson from Dr. King:
“Back in the days when integration wasn’t fashionable, he underwent the trauma and humiliation and the loneliness which comes with being a pilgrim walking the lonesome byways toward the high road of freedom. He was a sit-inner before the sit-ins, a freedom rider before the Freedom Rides.”

For more information regarding Robinson’s pioneering efforts in the field of Civil Rights, see this interesting blog post I came across.

Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King Jr. receiving honorary
Doctor of Laws degrees from Howard University in 1957.


Justin and Heather Bland 4/26/12, 3:16 PM  

wow, very cool. I love that first picture of Dr. King and Robinson (Dr. Robinson as well, right?).

Luke Dockery 5/2/12, 1:25 PM  

Haha, yeah, I guess he should be Dr. Robinson. It’s always been a semi-dream of mine to receive an honorary doctorate someday. In one sense, that’s even more impressive because it generally means that you have achieved something incredibly significant.

(None of that is to suggest that your own, genuine Ph.D. is not impressive or incredibly significant.)

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