Chuck Klosterman on Kentucky Basketball

Chuck Klosterman has written an intriguing article on Grantland.com about John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcat basketball team, and what it will (or at least could) mean to NCAA basketball if UK wins the National Championship on Monday.

It’s a compelling article and touches on a lot of issues facing college basketball today—overall decline in the quality of play, recruiting, and the NCAA’s stupid One and Done rule. I agree with a lot of what Klosterman has to say, but I think he’s too easy on John Calipari. Coach Cal might genuinely be a nice guy, but his past teams have been too marred by scandal (and their accomplishments vacated) for me to believe that he is clean. 

He’s right about one thing though—Kentucky should absolutely win the title this year. They are scary good.


Jake T. 3/31/12, 9:41 AM  

And Calipari is scary dirty.

Luke Dockery 4/2/12, 9:26 AM  


Thanks for reading and for the comment.

I agree—when you have two Final Four appearances vacated, I have a really hard time believing that the coach had no knowledge of any of the shady dealings.

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