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I have left my blog to lie fallow for too long and needed to make a few changes. Last night I finally took the time to do so.

First, I slightly tweaked the header image. I wanted to keep it largely the same, but also update it—I think I hadn’t changed it at all for about three years, so it was time.

Also, after my announcement from last week, I thought I might as well add a link to my Twitter account. For those who are interested in following me, you can now do so by clicking on the Twitter link below the RSS feed on the right hand side of the page.

I also cut out some clutter on my sidebar—specifically, I removed a couple of large images and also a list of the main categories that I post under. I thought the list of categories was unnecessary—you can still access my posts on a given category by either searching for a category in the search bar at the bottom (by typing in say, “Baseball”), or by clicking the link to a category at the bottom of a post. I don’t really think this will be an issue, because I don’t think anyone actually used the category list anyway. I could be wrong though.

I also moved my bloglist from the sidebar to a page of its own called “Links” on the navbar. In the process, I updated the list, adding some new blogs while removing links to other blogs which either no longer exist, or no longer seemed to be updated. If I removed a link to your site and you think I did so in error (“No really, I am going to blog there again some day!”), let me know and I will be happy to add it back. I also added some links to some other sites that I think are cool for one reason or another.

Finally, I also updated the “About” page on the navbar. What I had there before had gotten somewhat out of date. Also, it was written in the third person—originally, I found that to be humorous, but the last time I read it it annoyed me. So, no more third person.

I’m still tinkering with the idea of making some more changes for the future, but that covers what I’ve done for now.


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