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I had two things I briefly wanted to mention which I didn’t want to dedicate a whole post to:
  • I sent in my last car payment back in November, and last week in the mail, I received the title from the bank that gave us the loan. I bought Jeeves (my car) about a year and a half ago, and under our five-year loan, was supposed to have him paid off in 2012. We’ve been paying aggressively on the loan ever since, and I’m glad that we managed to pay it off roughly 3 1/2 years ahead of time. Dave Ramsey would be proud (except that he would chastise us for buying a car in the first place that we couldn’t afford to buy with cash).
  • In other news, I almost switched The Doc File over to Wordpress this week, but ended up not doing it. I’m having a hard time finding a template that I really like, and while there are some things about Wordpress I like, it’s not as user-friendly as Blogger is and doesn’t allow for as much (free) customization. I don’t know, I still might end up switching, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it the other night. I know, I’m a coward.


shannon 12/18/08, 12:45 PM  

Wordpress? User Friendly? Absolutely. Even an old curmudgeon like me can use it.

MrsDockery 12/18/08, 12:47 PM  

Ahh...the feeling of owning your own car. The phrase "No more montly payments!" runs through your head over and over...
Of course, both our car titles are in my name. Ha.

Anonymous 12/18/08, 1:34 PM  

Yea for paying off the loan!! By the way, we love Dave Ramsey.

I use wordpress, and I love it. Everything I've done with it has been free-- except for the domain name hosting thing. And it helps that Jonathan knows how to program stuff when I need him to.

Will 12/18/08, 5:06 PM  

Except you needed the car (a tool) to get to work and make money. I think that is a little different than buying a new car to replace a perfectly fine working car and borrowing money.

I know html pretty well now (staying at home and all), so if you want a certain look we can work on it.

Luke Dockery 12/18/08, 9:43 PM  


I probably should’ve been a little clearer…

From what I understand, the free version of Wordpress (wordpress.com), is actually very user-friendly, but it is not nearly as customizable as Blogger is.

Wordpress.org, which is software that you have to download and then pay for web hosting, is very customizable, but, from what I hear, is not user-friendly at all.

I still might try the free version though if I can find a template that I really like.

Luke Dockery 12/18/08, 9:45 PM  

Mrs. D,

We did the bills tonight for the first time since I paid it off, and it sure was nice to not write that check.

I’m sure we’ll just end up applying the money we save to our soon-to-increase rent and paying off school loans, but it’s nice to cut down on your number of creditors.

Luke Dockery 12/18/08, 9:48 PM  


Thanks. I’m not a true Ramsey disciple, but he’s a smart guy about a whole lot of things.

You mentioned that you pay for web hosting…do you blog through wordpress.org? Where you download the software and update it, etc.? Because that was the part that I heard was somewhat difficult.

Luke Dockery 12/18/08, 10:01 PM  


Solid point. I guess you could argue that I could’ve picked a cheaper car, but I paid it off 3 1/2 years early, so seriously, why quibble?

I’ll show you sometime what I don’t have on my blog that I’d like to have, but I’m afraid that it would be pretty work-intensive. Really I think I just need to not be so picky and find a template that I like.

Anonymous 12/18/08, 11:21 PM  

No, I don't blog through wordpress.org.

It's running on Jonathan's server. I'll send you a message on facebook about it. One nice thing about it is that I customized it to email people when I make a comment back to them on the blog. So, there's more conversation that way. Whereas on blogger, I never go back and check to see if the owner has commented.

I was actually coming back here to say that I'm adding you to my Blogroll.

Angela 12/19/08, 6:15 PM  

So, what I guess you're saying is that this extra money flowing through your bank account is going to translate into extra presents for me under the Christmas tree this year!! Yay!

Luke Dockery 12/20/08, 9:39 AM  


I'll check facebook.

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll…I was actually planning on doing the same but just hadn't gotten around to it yet. I have several links to add and some old one to remove.

Luke Dockery 12/20/08, 9:39 AM  


That's exactly what it means. Something like that. Maybe.

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