Bits And Pieces: 5.1.08

A few things on my mind on this windy Thursday morning:

  • I don’t like complaining about gas prices, but I noticed on the way to work this morning that it’s now $3.55 for a gallon of regular unleaded. If this continues, I might have to take drastic measures—like learning how to drive my wife’s manually-transmissioned, more fuel-efficient car.
  • So the Shaq experiment didn’t seem to work out so well with the Suns losing in the first round of the NBA Playoffs to the very team they hoped to beat with Shaq’s help, and reports suggest that Phoenix Head Coach Mike D’Antoni is on his way out. I don’t know how much I like D’Antoni, but it doesn’t seem fair for him to have to take responsibility for a busted trade that the GM and owner also signed off on.
  • After losing 3-2 to the Nationals last night in the 12th inning, the Braves are now 0-9 in 1-run games. I’m not trying to be an alarmist or anything, but that doesn’t really seem to bode well for the team. If John Smoltz actually returns to the bullpen though, maybe that will change…


Angela 5/1/08, 3:04 PM  

How you've managed to get this far without learning how to drive a stick, I'm not sure.

My friend just bought a new Nissan Rogue, and apparently it can be driven as a stick or as an automatic... crazy, huh?

Luke Dockery 5/2/08, 9:58 AM  


I've also never been fishing and don't know how to swim.

Theoretically, my car has a similar feature, I can shift over to what the dealers refer to as a "clutchless standard". I don't know what that means or how to use it.

david mcmahon 5/2/08, 4:31 PM  

Hi Luke,

Sorry I've been AWOL for a while - blame it on a new job.

Gas prices here are VERY high - when I filled up on Wednesday it was $1.60 a litre - yep, a litre!! That's more than $7 a gallon!!

Luke Dockery 5/5/08, 9:48 AM  


Good to hear from you again and don't worry about it—I understand how job changes can eat up your time.

Wow, $7 a gallon is a lot. Helps to keep things in perspective for us whiney Americans.

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