Those of you who read The Doc File may have noticed that there hasn’t been much to read lately, as my posting has been sporadic at best.

Among the many reasons for my absence from blogging (new computer game, busy at work, computer problems) was an unplanned trip to the hospital over the weekend from which I returned without my favorite appendix.

As the stapled-up gash in my side has forced me to take a break from work and other activities that involve me not being at home, I’ll try to get caught up on things that I’ve wanted to blog about over the past several days and haven’t been able to.


Will 12/18/07, 4:43 PM  

It probably just slowed you down anyway.

Angela 12/20/07, 9:31 AM  

You left out the most interesting part, which is the fact that you're an alien whose appendix was not located where humans have their appendices.

Luke Dockery 12/20/07, 12:22 PM  


Good point. I should see about getting rid of the tonsils and a kidney while I’m at it.

Luke Dockery 12/20/07, 12:28 PM  


That is a true statement. I wonder if any of my other organs are in the wrong place. Hopefully the doctors have a handle on this now.

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