A Less Significant Sacrifice

Every six months or so, we have a blood drive at our church, and since I am the type of person who is willing to give blood if it is exceptionally convenient, I donated at our blood drive yesterday afternoon.

If you’re lucky, you get a free t-shirt when you give blood, and yesterday, I was lucky (or so I thought). I didn’t really look at it until I got home. It said, “He gave His. I gave mine,” and then had a Jesus fish underneath it.

I dunno, there’s something about comparing my convenient gift of a superfluous pint of blood to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for all mankind that just irks me.

Design a new t-shirt.


Angela 3/14/07, 10:15 PM  

That shirt is pretty lame.

I donate at work. We get a free t-shirt and a free movie pass and four hours of leave.

Pretty plush.

Luke Dockery 3/15/07, 9:55 PM  

Wow, that is plush. Are the movie passes good for any movie, or only for boring stuff like "Pride and Prejudice?"

Kenny Simpson 3/16/07, 8:00 AM  

That is a little...arrogant.

Justin and Heather Bland 3/19/07, 12:20 PM  
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Anonymous 3/19/07, 12:22 PM  

kenny- you're talking about the shirt, not that luke thought pride and prejudice is a boring movie. That threw me at first, I was on my way to defend him (not that he needs it) when I realized that you were talking about the shirt.

I whole heartily agree with you. makes me cringe a little. bad shirt idea.

Here's the thing though: in order for that shirt to exist someone had to say, "hey this is a great idea" and THEN someone else had to agree with that! not cool.

Kenny Simpson 3/20/07, 11:30 AM  

Yes I meant the shirt. I am not really into Pride and Prejudice.

Luke Dockery 3/20/07, 9:58 PM  

Most people with a Y chromosome aren't really into Pride and Prejudice.

Justin: It is shocking that people could think that was a good idea, but really not that uncommon. I mean, just think about all the retarded commercials that people pay lots of money for.

May I should open an advertising agency where all I do is approve/veto other people's ideas.

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