The Best Seven Years Of My Life

Seven years ago today, I said “I do”, and chose Caroline to be my wife.

She was beautiful, funny, intelligent, playful, serious about her faith, and a Braves fan, and I thought she would be an excellent wife.

And how she has exceeded my expectations! Consistently drawing me closer to God, Caroline cheers me on when I succeed, encourages me when I fail, and corrects me when I step out of line. We have so much fun together, and there is no one I would rather talk to or spend time with.

And if I were writing this a couple of years ago, perhaps that is all I would say. But then our sweet daughter Kinsley was born, and I got to witness my beloved wife become the World’s Greatest Mom as well. Kinsley is wonderful—she is an adorable little girl, so fun and happy, and she fills her parents’ hearts with joy. 

And yet, at the same time (this probably will not surprise you), can I tell you that it is hard to raise a beautiful little girl with significant special needs? The revelation of Kinsley’s condition has significantly changed our lives, but it has also helped me to see how truly amazing the woman I married seven years ago is.

Caroline takes Kinsley to therapy eight times a week now (eight!). At therapy, she learns all she can so that she can work with Kinsley additionally when they are at home together. Also at home, she provides all the special care that Kinsley requires: patching her eyes to help her vision, adding thickener to her drinks, giving her all the anti-seizure medicine she needs, making sure she spends time in her stander. She researches Kinsley’s condition on the internet, and learns as much as she can from other mothers with special needs children.

She does all this while making sure that we pay our bills and eat food and all the little things that keep our house running smoothly. And she does it all with less help than she deserves from a husband who possesses a (wonderful) job which demands much of his time and a grad school program that does as well. She is, unquestionably, the rock of our family.

Caroline, from the bottom of my heart, I echo the words of Proverbs 31.29:
“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”
Our adventure together has taken some unexpected and unchosen turns, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love you and choose you forever.


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