Friday Summary Report, June 28

My posting has been nonexistent over the past two weeks, which is unfortunate, but also unavoidable:
  • I spent last week at Green Valley Bible Camp. This was my 20th consecutive year at Green Valley (8 as a camper, and now 12 as a counselor), and it is always a special place for me and a spiritual highlight of my summer. We had a good week, although my week was unusual as I spent a large portion of it reading and preparing for a grad school class.
  • This week I have been in Memphis at HST taking a class on New Testament Exegesis. As always, I have learned a lot and enjoyed my time here, but it has been difficult. My days generally consist of about 8 hours of class time, followed by study (I took a midterm on Tuesday and will take my final exam in the morning) and research (I have a paper to write for the class and have to take advantage of the library while on campus) in the evenings. Doing this after a week of camp (which is physically exhausting) has left me pretty drained. I am looking forward to finishing up tomorrow.

Next week, I will be on vacation in Florida. I am excited about this, and am hoping to have lots of opportunities to (a) Read books of my own choosing, (b) Get back to blogging, and (c) relax. Have an excellent weekend, and hopefully I’ll have something (relatively) significant to say next week.


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