Half A Thousand

Today marks a milestone of sorts for The Doc File, as I noticed that I have now amassed 500 blog posts. I started this blog back in the summer of 2006, right before I got married and got into “real” youth ministry (i.e., youth ministry other than a summer internship). A lot has changed since then!

Looking back on some old posts, it is interesting how similar some things are and how much others have changed:
  • I write more about ministry and theology than I used to, and less about sports and other things. Perhaps this is to be expected: when I first started the blog, I didn’t intend to be a long-term minister, and I wasn’t a theology grad student.
  • I continue to write long, convoluted sentences which sometimes contain excessive commas and clauses.
  • I think I come across as a little more humble and a little less arrogant than I used to. I sure hope so.
  • My posts now aren’t as funny as they used to be. That’s too bad—I promise that I am still funny in person!
This blog has been a blessing to my life over the last (almost) seven years, and I want to thank all of those who read and comment. I hope it has been, in some small way, a blessing to you as well. Looking forward to the next 500 posts!


Unknown 5/27/13, 7:09 PM  

Luke, the blog is a blessing to me as well. I look forward to each new post, and while you may not show your funny side here as much, I can confirm you still have it. Keep up the march!

Luke Dockery 5/28/13, 9:51 AM  

Thanks Marion! I'm glad you find it to be helpful.

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