Grad School Update

I haven’t been as active on the blog over the last couple of months as I would like, partially because I have been distracted with concerns for Kinsley, and partially because I was consumed with what has been, to date, my most challenging semester of grad school.

Speaking of grad school, I still tend to get quite a few questions from people asking how much longer my studies will be, so I thought I might as well give an update.
This past fall semester marked the completion of three full years in grad school (I started in the Spring 2010 semester). During that time have I have amassed 36 hours as a part-time student (I also work full-time as a minister), which although enough for a full Master’s degree in several programs, puts me 3/7 of the way through mine (the M.Div. is an 84 hour program).

At my current pace, I have at least four more years of study ahead of me (not counting doctoral work). It’s a long time, but I have largely adjusted to the balance of being a husband/father/minister/student. It is stressful at times to put the necessary time toward my studies and also give everything else the attention it deserves: I have had to hone my time management skills, become better at planning and organizing, and occasionally miss out on some needed sleep. 

It has been challenging and stressful, but it has also been rewarding, and there is no question that my studies, although difficult, have made me a better minister and (I think) a more mature Christian as well.


Justin and Heather Bland 1/4/13, 3:20 PM  

Well Done, Sir! I am proud of you!

Luke Dockery 1/7/13, 9:25 AM  

I'm proud of you, Dr. Bland!

Hope you, Heather, and little David are doing well. We love you guys.

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