Plowing Through The Semester

Ministers often get a day off during the week, and the thinking behind this is that Sunday is way too much work for a minister to be considered a part of a restful weekend. For the past few years, Monday has been my official day off, but unfortunately, this semester my work load has been such that I pretty much have to come in every Monday and work all day if I have any hope of finishing my work for the week.

The picture above shows the stack of books that I brought with me to the office today in an effort to prepare for my weekly Greek Readings quiz (technically they are quizzes, but the term quiz really doesn’t do them justice—they are tests), and to work on my Global Evangelism final which is due this Friday.

This all probably comes across as complaining, which isn’t really my intention. Certainly all of the work has provided me with an extra dose of stress, but it has also helped me to grow in my time management skills and my ministry. And perhaps most of all, I am developing perseverance: I continue to plow on through the semester (I like the word plow, because I think it accurately conveys the sense of hard work), but I am so looking forward to December 4, which is when my Christmas break officially begins.


Justin and Heather Bland 10/22/12, 12:52 PM  

Well done Sir!

Be Tenacious.

Mark 10/22/12, 12:56 PM  

As we are in a political season, I'll just say, "I'm feeling your pain!" Don't miss that aspect. At all.

Luke Dockery 10/23/12, 12:58 PM  


“Be Tenacious”—I like that.

Luke Dockery 10/23/12, 12:59 PM  


I know you feel me! Your DMin studies might bring a little of this back into your life though, eh?

Rusty 10/25/12, 2:44 PM  

No kidding on the quizzes. My Greek 'quiz' yesterday left me feeling that 'Why am I here again?' feeling. I'm pretty sure I study harder for my Greek 'quizzes' than I ever did for my regular undergrad exams.

Luke Dockery 10/29/12, 9:45 AM  


I completely feel you. Keep pushing through—Armitage and Amy are on your side!

(Not Professor Oddity though—he is your enemy).

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