Observation #14

At some point in my Facebook life, I decided that as a matter of principle, I would not unfriend (or is it defriend?) anyone. This is a decision that I regret.



Justin and Heather Bland 6/14/12, 9:56 PM  

as it is possible to fall from grace... do you think it is possible to no longer be friends with someone?

Luke Dockery 6/15/12, 8:08 AM  

Oh certainly, I think it is possible to no longer be friends with someone…happens all the time.

When I mentioned my principle of not unfriending someone, I just meant that I had determined that I would not be the active initiator in the severing of a relationship.

There are a lot of people on Facebook who I have become 'friends' with over the years who I no longer have any connection to. So they are not really my friends and I wish they didn't clutter up my news feed, but at the same time, as a matter of principle, I don't like the conscious decision to cut them out of my life and the implications of that.

Maybe that makes sense? Sure seemed somewhat rambling to me…

Jared Dockery 6/15/12, 4:00 PM  

You can choose to have their information not appear in your news feed without defriending them. There is a very useful setting for that.

Justin and Heather Bland 6/15/12, 10:29 PM  

Luke, that makes perfect sense. Good call.

Luke Dockery 6/16/12, 9:59 AM  


Yes! I forget about that feature sometimes; it is very helpful.

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