Ancient Words On Christian Marriage

I am preparing to officiate a wedding this weekend (my first!), and interestingly, I came across these words from the late 2nd century theologian Tertullian in an unrelated book I am reading:
What a marriage is that between two believers! They have one hope, one desire, one way of life, the same religion. They are brother and sister, both fellow servants, not divided in flesh or in spirit—truly “two in one flesh,” for where there is one flesh there is also one spirit. They pray together; they prostrate themselves together; they carry out fasts together. They instruct one another and exhort one another. Side by side they are present in the church of God and at the banquet of God; they are side by side in difficulties and in consolations. Neither ever hides things from the other; neither avoids the other; neither is a grief to the other.

—Tertullian, To His Wife, 2.8
Quoted in Everett Ferguson’s Early Christians Speak, p. 226


Justin and Heather Bland 12/14/11, 9:41 PM  

very awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Luke Dockery 12/16/11, 9:31 AM  


I thought it was a cool quote. Interestingly, Tertullian is often noted for the harsh nature of his writings, so I thought his tender words on marriage were particularly poignant.

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