Maybe There’s A Good Explanation For This…

On the radio, I keep hearing advertisements encouraging me to donate any old cars I have to “Heritage for the Blind”. I don’t know anything about Heritage for the Blind, but assuming that their name is at all descriptive of what they actually do, I can’t help but wonder: do blind people really need used cars?


Colby 8/5/11, 5:15 PM  

I really hope that when they get enough cars they have a blind demolition derby.

Justin and Heather Bland 8/8/11, 10:02 PM  

that would be amazing

Luke Dockery 8/9/11, 7:28 AM  


Would a blind demolition derby be better than a regular one, where people who can see are intentionally ramming into each other instead of people who can’t see just randomly driving around?

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