A Good Way To Go A Long Time Without Blogging…

…is to have an incredibly busy summer.

I’ve had several topics I want to blog about, but simply haven’t had the time to sit down and write. The variety of things keeping me busy include:
  • A couple of months ago Caroline found out that she is pregnant, and we will be expecting the birth of a daughter in December. This is exciting news, but it has led to a lot of doctor appointments and other baby-related activities.
  • Also, after renting a house for the last 2 1/2 years, we decided to purchase a home of our own. After looking around we didn’t find much that we liked, so we ended up having a house built. It only took 60 days, and we successfully closed on our house last Thursday. This is also exciting news, but it has required a lot of work, meetings, phone calls, etc.
  • I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling this summer as well: frisbee tournaments in Nashville, Tennessee and Madison, Alabama, a week at Green Valley Bible Camp, a week of vacation in Port St. Joe, Florida, and then a fun but stressful summer youth group trip in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas.
  • As a youth minister, summers are always busy with youth activities. I already mentioned camp and our summer trip, but there have been a host of other activities including devotionals, game nights, a High School Graduation Banquet, and Vacation Bible School.
  • I also have to head to Memphis in a week for a grad school class, so lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading to prepare for that.
I’m sure the busyness will continue over the next several weeks (it seems like it always does!), but I know that my life always calms down somewhat after the end of August, and I’m certainly looking forward to that.

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