Committed Christians

There are an abundance of people in our world who claim to be “Christian”, and yet that claim seems to have no great influence on their lives. If you are at all like me, that is a frustrating phenomenon.

From God’s Potters: Pastoral Leadership and the Shaping of Congregations, by Jackson Carroll, pp. 39-40:
“…A high degree of religiosity is not the same as commitment…it fosters a kind of complacency that may even serve as an inoculation against serious religious commitment and involvement in church life.

When almost everyone professes to be a Christian, regardless of whether they are committed and involved in a church, it may be difficult to know what commitment actually means.”
And from Søren Kierkegaard:
“It is easier to become a Christian if one is not a Christian than to become a Christian if one is already supposed to be.”


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