For a variety of reasons, I’ve taken an unplanned hiatus from blogging for a while (yikes, has it really been over 2 months?!).

Right now is a particularly busy time for me with school and work, so my posting might remain infrequent for a while, but hopefully I’ll now once again be posting from time to time, as I do have several things I’d like to write about.

So, at least on a tentative basis, The Doc File is back.


MrsDockery 2/15/11, 12:46 PM  

I HAD been wondering where you went. I check almost every day - part of my lunchtime ritual to make sense of a chaotic day. I go to comics.com right after this.

Luke Dockery 2/16/11, 8:45 AM  


It’s nice to know that my fan(s) had(have) missed me. I’d hate to mess up your lunchtime ritual.

Anonymous 2/16/11, 1:28 PM  

Good to have you back. You have been busy. I do understand.

Luke Dockery 2/17/11, 11:02 AM  

Thanks Carson, it's good to be back. If anyone understands busy-ness it's you!

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