Losing Clothes

I do not, at all, enjoy shopping for clothes.

This fundamental fact about me leads to at least two other facts:

(1) I get lots of clothing for my birthday and Christmas. This is good, because it means I don’t have to shop for clothes as often.

(2) When I find clothes that I like, I tend to keep them for a long time and wear them often. For example, I still wear the button-up shirt that I wore in my 11th grade class picture (I am now 27), and I still have an Atlanta Braves t-shirt that I received in 1993.

The problem is, for as long as I can remember, I have also had a problem losing clothes, and without exception, I always lose things that I actually like. And while there are other negative characteristics of my childhood that I have happily discarded (like, say, being afraid of spiders), the tendency to lose clothes that I like has doggedly followed me to adulthood.

The other day I realized that I had lost a brown polo shirt, which was a major blow, because it had a prominent place in my weekly rotation. Add that to the blue polo which I am convinced I lost somewhere in Colorado, the long-sleeved white shirt that I wore as an undershirt in the fall/winter, and the “Salute a Veteran” t-shirt that I got for giving blood, and my wardrobe has really taken a hit over the last few years. And then there was that sweet red, white and blue windbreaker that I lost in elementary school and have never really recovered from.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to shop for clothes again.

Disclaimer: Implying that I am completely over my childhood fear of spiders might have been somewhat misleading. That being said, one of my husband-ly duties is to deal with every spider that makes the unfortunate decision to enter our house. So, it’s something I’ve been working on.


Angela 11/1/10, 6:37 PM  

You might see if your lovely wife would exchange the chore of buying clothes for your chore of murdering spiders.

Luke Dockery 11/2/10, 9:34 AM  


Since she is the main one who buys me clothes for birthdays/Christmas, I guess we already have somewhat of an exchange worked out. That works out well since her tastes are better than mine anyway.

Jared Dockery 11/2/10, 11:27 AM  

Do you remember how, when you were little, I accidentally freaked you out when I tried to explain the concept of the immune system to you? I told you that your body had little "fighters" inside of it that killed germs; but instead, you thought I said "spiders."

Luke Dockery 11/2/10, 12:36 PM  


I remember that vividly. It made me grudgingly accept that some spiders were maybe okay, but I still didn't like the idea at all.

I can remember telling Mom about how we had spiders inside of us and her thinking that I was nuts.

Justin and Heather Bland 11/2/10, 7:30 PM  

HAHAHA!! I love that you thought you had spiders inside of you AND THEN you told your mom!! Well done Jared, way to mislead him.

Luke Dockery 11/2/10, 8:45 PM  


It was really a pretty good description of the immune system for a 6 year old, just an unfortunate mis-hearing on my part.

James Clay Hendrix 11/15/10, 11:53 AM  

I really liked that shirt. I still have mine. You could make it into two that would fit you.

Luke Dockery 11/16/10, 2:51 PM  


I appreciate the generosity; if nothing else I could use it as a sleep shirt.

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