Calypso Conundrum

I generally try to avoid Wikipedia.

Not because I’m one of those people who talks about how inaccurate it is, but because I find it to be altogether too fascinating. I’ll go to Wikipedia to read an article on something I’m interested in only to discover links to other articles that I’m interested in, and before I know it, I have 12 tabs open in my browser of different articles and I’ve lost 40 minutes of my life.

I say all that to introduce the fact that the other day I found myself on Harry Belafonte’s page without knowing how I got there. In addition to discovering some interesting facts about his life, I also came across the record cover to Belafonte’s hit album Calypso:

This fascinating photo leads me to two very important questions: (1) Did Harry Belafonte really have 7 fingers on his left hand,
and if he did, (2) Why isn’t this very important fact mentioned in his Wikipedia entry?


MrsDockery 5/11/10, 1:29 PM  

You're right. 40 minutes of your life...gone.

Will 5/14/10, 9:21 PM  

There is a picture with a similar prospective issue of the Loan Ranger. I can't find it on google images, but it looks like he has a cactus head.

Luke Dockery 5/21/10, 11:39 AM  


Thankfully I pulled the plug on this particular Wikipedia excursion after coming upon the “Calypso” image. So it was probably only about 25 minutes of my life gone this time.

Luke Dockery 5/21/10, 11:39 AM  


The Loan Ranger? Was he some kind of banker-for-hire?

Clay and Amanda 5/21/10, 10:34 PM  

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I had to look closely to see it is his other hand, and I do the SAME thing when I get on Wikipedia...but I kinda enjoy that, its pretty much my idea of a fun Friday night.

Luke Dockery 5/28/10, 12:24 PM  


I like it too…when I have free time. What kills me is when I’m trying to look something up for a sermon or class or something and then get completely distracted for a long time.

Will 6/2/10, 12:56 AM  

Speaking of: http://www.cnn.com/2010/SHOWBIZ/06/01/marilyn.monroe.birthday.photo/?hpt=C1

look in the background.

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